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Core Set

These are the original Blinks Games. The Core Set is intended as an introduction to the game system and the games can be played with 6 Blinks. These games pack a big punch in a small package.


On a dying planet, two teams battle the clock, stealing time from each other. It’s the final countdown... and watch out for the Zombies!

5-10 min

Bomb Brigade

A tense, high-stakes game of chance where players must rely on their quick reflexes and courage to survive. There is really only one rule: don’t blow up.

5-10 min


Fracture is a new kind of territory control game where players fracture and rebuild the entire board on each turn. 

15-30 min


Blue, Red, Yellow. This unique strategy game favors the clever and punishes the greedy.


10 min


Set up your garden in any size and shape, then defend it from pesky moles who are up to no good. 

5-10 min

Puzzle 101

Challenge yourself or work with friends to solve an endless supply of self-generating puzzles!

5-10 min

Expansion Set

Grow your Blinks collection with 6 more Blinks and 8 amazing games. Bring more fun to the table. These games are designed to play with 8 Blinks or more.


An asteroid field rich with rare space ore awaits you. Can you collect enough to fill your cargo hold before your competition does? 

10-15 min

Speed Racer

Speeding down the road to nowhere. You’ve got to keep building as fast and furiously as you can, or you’re headed for a dead end. 

5-10 min


It's shuffleboard from the future!  You'll need accuracy, timing, and finesse to win this kinetic tabletop game.


5-10 min


Create the most optimum hive for your bees. The right combination of flowers, workers, and broods will keep the queen happy.

5-30 min


Need to roll dice, but don't
have the space? Use the dice widget. Settle the
score with a coin flip. Spin your own wheel of
fortune and more!

5-30 min


Be mesmerized by swirling colors and patterns
as Blinks share their happiness. Witness emergent
behaviors and find your zen.

10 min


Spinomino is played using Widgets. Place your Blinks together in a cluster and set them all to the Spinner Widget. Take one Blink at random and separate it from the others. This Blink is the first "Spinomino" in play.

5-10 min


Flip Bet is a bidding and press your luck game played on the Blinks System

5-10 min

Takeaway Dice

This dice game is designed for the Blinks system allowing competitors to take dice and bet on results.

10-15 min

Community Set

6 stellar new games from the Blinks Developer Community. These game designers harnessed Blinks to create truly original games. You'll put your reflexes to the test, battle with your wits, and ambush your best friends. These games are designed to be played with 12 or more Blinks.


Raid places you in command of a viking horde, competing with other players to grab as much territory as you can.

15-30 min

Pirates & Lasers

A strategic struggle between ghost pirates & laser-wielding tourists. Keep sailing while lasers tear your ship asunder

10-15 min


Reactor is an intense and competitive contest where each player must react to the alarms of the reactor core before their opponents 

5-10 min

Group Therapy

Can you keep the extroverts clustered together, and the introverts separate from the group?


5-10 min


Paintbrush is a deeply strategic game with pieces act as both brush and canvas. 

15-30 min


Darkball is a first of its kind game in which players put their timing to the test against a speedy disappearing ball and each other. Darkball rewards accuracy, reaction times, as well as creativity. As the pieces are rearranged, the ball can travel in any direction, and down any path with no limits to the number of players or ways it can be played.

5-10 min

2020 Summer Games

These 3 limited edition Summer Games expand Blinks gameplay in new and wonderful ways. These titles came from our Blinks Developer Community. Add them to any set for even more fun this summer.

Battle Balloons

You are captain of a hot air balloon fleet, trying to pop your opponent's Crown Balloon to emerge from battle victorious. Navigate the airs of random chance and rely on strategic trickery to pop before you yourself are popped.




10-20 min


In the far-off future year of 1902, our Steampunk world will run on the greatest of all inventions: the Dynamo. 

5-10 min


It's Cronkinole for crooks! Fling your Blinks at the vault in an attempt to take the gold! The player who cracks the wall down gets the gold piece, be careful not to make the job too easy for the next person… as we know there's no honor among thieves.

10-20 min

Epic Adventure Games

These A futuristic Indie tabletop gaming experience. 9 reissued Blinks games and 6 brand new games featuring Tip-Toe Volcano by Big Potato.

Treasure Tumble

You are an archaeologist who has finally uncovered a long rumored ancient treasure chamber. Glorious riches await you, but not without their challenges. Your excavations have unearthed ancient mechanisms that redirect treasure falling from great heights, how much can you now collect in your treasure buckets? 

Treasure Tumble Now on Kickstarter. First + Only Chance to get it in 2020

10-15 min

Tip Toe Volcano

Tip-Toe Volcano is a game about betting, bluffing...and not stepping in any lava. Secretly hide your traps before putting the map together. It’s an all-out bidding war to see who can tip-toe the furthest around the volcano — without getting burned.


10-15 min


Crownfall is a 2-4 player game where players take turns flicking their army of Blinks at their opponent’s Blinks to try to knock them out of the battlefield.

10-30 min


Thalassophobia: A deathly fear of the ocean’s depths, and for good reason. You are a diver exploring an underwater grotto when your oxygen tank springs a leak. With only six minutes of air left in your tank, can you navigate this oceanic labyrinth and return to the surface in time?

10-15 min


It’s your first day attending Alabaster’s School of Alchemy and Potions. Can you mix and match the potions to create the most magical brew?

5-10 min

Ghost Hunters

You and your friends have decided to go explore the haunted mansion at the end of the street. Armed with nothing but some modified flashlights, can you keep the ghosts at bay?

Ghost Hunters is now on Kickstarter. Only chance to get this game in 2020. 

15-30 min

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