Blinks: Epic Adventure Set


Are you ready for an adventure?

Expand your Blinks Game System with the newest pack of games for 2021. The EPIC Adventure includes 6 Blinks and 6 games by a curated set of Indie Game developers, designers and artists – All part of the Blinks community. These designers harnessed the technology to create truly original games. You'll put your reflexes to the test, battle with your wits, and ambush your best friends.

This Blinks Game System Expansion includes 6 Blinks and a Lava Red Sushi Roll carrying case to bring your Blinks on the go.


What's in the box?

6 Epic Adventure Games (details below)

  • 1 x Sushi Roll carrying case (Lava Red)
  • 1 x Game Instructions
  • 1 x Blinks game box
Tip-Toe Volcano a 15-30 minute game for 2 or more players

Tip Toe Volcano by Big Potato Games

Tip Toe Volcano is a game about betting, bluffing...and not stepping in any lava. Each round, you’ll secretly hide your traps before putting the map together. After that, it’s an all-out bidding war to see who can tip-toe the furthest around the volcano — without getting burned.


Ghost Hunters is a 10-30 minute game for 2 or more players

Ghost Hunters by Keir Williams

Afraid of the dark? No worries, this is Blinks' first truly cooperative game. Work together to hunt Ghosts with your saber-like flashlight and rid the mansion of evil spirits. When ghouls appear, you must work together to make them disappear.


Alchematch is a 10-30 minute game for 1 or more players

Alchematch by Brett Taylor

Bubble, bubble, boil and... It’s your first day attending Alabaster’s School of Alchemy and Potions. Can you match the potions to create the most magical brew? This is a chain-reaction frenzy unlike any Match3 game you've played.


Crownfall is a 15-30 minute game for 2 players

Crownfall by Robert Canciello, Nicole Polidore, Connor Wolf,& Jacob Surovsky

Stay in the arena to stay in the game. Two teams enter a strategic battlefield, only one will leave victorious. Muster an army by creating a unique formation of Blinks and take on your opponent in a turn-based brawl. Protect the crown, your life depends on it.


Treasure Tumble is a 5-15 minute game for 2 players

Treasure Tumble by Jacob Surovsky

You are a gem-hungry archaeologist who has finally uncovered a long rumored ancient treasure chamber. Glorious riches await you, but not without their challenges. In this, first-of-its-kind stacking game, Ancient mechanisms redirect falling treasure, how much can you collect in your treasure chest without it all coming tumbling down?


Thalassophobia is a 5-10 minute game for 1 or more players

Thalassophobia by Gabriel Jones

Tha•lasso•phobia: (n.) A deathly fear of the ocean’s depths, and for good reason. You are a diver exploring an underwater grotto when your oxygen tank springs a leak. With only six minutes of air left in your tank, can you navigate this oceanic labyrinth and return to the surface in time?



Combine with Other Sets for best experience.
These games are intended to play with 8 or more Tiles. 





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