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What Are Blinks?

Each Blink is a game cartridge and a game tile.

Blinks connect to other Blinks. Together they become an interactive board game.

Blinks are:

  • Magnetic
  • Reactive
  • Interactive
  • And they light up!

Blinks learning to play a game

How To Play

1. Choose a game from our ever-expanding Game Library.


2. Press the Blink for three seconds to activate the game you want to play. 

Put the rest of your Blinks in a single-file line and connect to them.


3. That Blink acts as a leader and teaches the other Blinks its game.


4. Once they're all connected, the game loads and it's playtime.

Finger touching single Blinks game piece
Hand introducing Blinks game

Just some of the fun games in Blinks Library

WHAM! is a Party game. A Fast-paced Whack-A-Mole. Play alone or challenge your friends.


Puzzle101 is a Puzzle game. Enjoy an endless supply of puzzles. Your Rubik's cube will miss you.


Mortals is a Real-time Strategy game. Each Blink starts with 60 seconds to live and players take turns stealing life from their opponent's Blinks. Can you survive?


Fracture is a game for the whole family. Take turns splitting the board and rearranging the Blinks. Be the first to make a winning map.

Puzzle101 game instructions illustrated

More Blinks = More Games = More Fun

Blinks are a portable tabletop gaming system using brand new technology for a totally new experience in gaming.


Tactile game pieces, you won't stop fidgeting with.


No small pieces to lose and the convenience of magnets. Take your "Board Game" experience on-the-go.


The games are social, face-to-face, and inspire connection.


Great to play while drinking a beer with friends or grandma. Cheers Grandma!


Puzzle Games are great for children and inspire problem-solving. Encourage game play that doesn't require screen time.


Everyone in the family can get in on the action! And when you want some alone time, we've got games for that too.

WHAM game Instructions

Get your hands in the game with the first 12 launch title Blinks. Whether your feeding a curious mind during quarantine, bringing a family together around the table, or looking for 14 awesome games that you can take with you anywhere you go, the Blinks: Combo Set is our best seller, the perfect way to play together, and endless fun.

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