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The Future of In-Person Gaming


A Note For Our Community

To all supporters of Move38: the company fell on hard times and is currently in search of a new home. Move38 has an outstanding Kickstarter campaign for the Blinks Game System and Party Pack Expansion that we are currently unable to fulfill. Any items available on our website are in limited supply and ship within a week of purchase. All purchases support the effort to fulfill our Kickstarter and find Blinks a new home.

"unlike anything you've ever seen"

Our Mission

At Move38, we believe that play shapes the way we think. The games we play have the power to teach new skills and refine the ones we already possess.

Whether we enjoy role-playing, action, or even tabletop, we can all come together to celebrate games we love.

The Blinks Game System has games for everyone, and we are excited to enhance the way people interact with each other, for the next-generation of in-person gaming.

Our community is filled with people who identify as lifelong learners and on the quest for creativity. If you see yourself in Move38, join us on our mission for the future of gaming!

what our customers think

I have to say they are absolutely amazing! My brother is hooked on puzzle 101 and since i have 12 blinks I can have two people do two puzzles, it has been a fantastic experience, kids and adults all love them, thanks again i really couldn't be happier. PS- Flic Flop is a riot!

– Leonard Castellaneta

“ Two weeks ago my kids discovered Blinks. The initial excitement was big. And continues. I am in the stage of parenting where I never know what will be a hit with my kids – Blinks is a definite winner. ”

– Tina Roth Eisenberg

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