Connected Play

Each Blink is a game piece and a game cartridge. No limits on how many Blinks you can connect or games you can play.

Limitless Fun

A library of 20+ Games that feel great in the hand and put your mind to the test. Blinks are fun for all ages. 

Make your own games

With the help of an incredibly supportive community, Move38 gives you the tools to make the next hit game for Blinks.

Featured Games

Not sure what to play?! No problem. With a library of 20+ games and many more on their way, getting started with Blinks is easy. Six is enough to get going, 12 is twice the fun!

Blinks: Combo Set

$159.00 $198.00

Get your hands in the game with the first 12 launch title Blinks. Whether your feeding a curious mind during quarantine, bringing a family together around the table, or looking for 12 awesome games that you can take with you anywhere you go, the Blinks: Combo Set is our best seller, the perfect way to play together, and endless fun.

See it In Action

The world's first smart tabletop game system is hand-on fun for the whole family. No need for cardboard pieces or complicated instructions, just grab the Blink you want to play and get your hand in the game.

Watch us Play

livestreams Every Tuesday & Thursday

Come to play, stay for fun.


Next level

The Community Set

We've curated the top 6 games from our community of game designers. All six knocked our socks off!

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order Take out

and break out your Blinks. Hours of games in a single sushi roll case.

"Plays Like a Game from the Future"

 - Geek & Sundry