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Exciting News for the Blinks Developer Community

Hello Blinks Developers, This is my first time writing to you all directly, so let me introduce myself: I’m Dan, the Games Lead at Move38. I’ve been working on Blinks since the summer of 2018, and in that time, I designed and developed around half the launch titles, and  led development of several games that had been designed before I joined the team. And today I want to talk to you all, the developer community, about new developments (literally and figuratively) on Blinks! Global Game Jam 2020 So if you haven’t heard, we recently sponsored the Playcrafting + Microsoft Global Game Jam site here in NYC. It was a ton of fun, and some amazing games were made in less than...

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Bringing Blinks to the Global Game Jam

Teams participating in Global Game Jam 2020 line up to get their Blinks developer kits We were so excited this year to sponsor and participate in the Playcrafting NYC Global Game Jam @ Microsoft. We not only got to play Blinks Games with loads of participants but lent out developer kits to 10 teams of Jammers to make new games for Blinks.  4 of our 12 launch title games for the Blinks Games System came from jams and events with our developer community. This GGJ2020 weekend, we offered tech support and prizes for the best games developed for Blinks. Over the course of the weekend a total of 8 games were developed at GGJ2020 and we are incredibly amped to continue working with game...

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Spotted at CES 2020

The new year is off to an exciting start. Move38 released its flagship product, Blinks, the world's first smart tabletop game system and buzz follows the new product line where ever it can be found. Thanks to our friends at TechUp and Collabsco, we had a presence at CES 2020 where we found ourselves welcomed into the community of family tech and toys.

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