Next-Gen Blinks! We Need Your Help!

Next-Gen Blinks! We Need Your Help!

Hi Blinksters!

This is our biggest update, ever. I promise you don’t want to miss this. We’ve been incredibly hard at work building something new for the Blinks community that has been part of the dream all along. We need your help to make it perfect.

Filling out this 3 question survey will secure your spot in line for our next generation Blinks. It will take less than 30 seconds and will bring us closer to our next and biggest release yet. You even get to help us pick a name for our latest creation!

We hope you like more games because your Blinks game library is getting its biggest upgrade yet. The Next-Gen Blink is just like your original Blinks, but extra special–it has the ability to talk to your phone.

The Next-Gen Blink isn’t the only exciting update, because with great power comes… The Blinks App. We love the games the community has designed, and with 800+ developer kits in the wild, we can’t wait to bring more Blinks community games to life, together.

The Blinks App brings the best experience yet to find games you love and have them at your fingertips, everywhere you go. No more need for instruction booklets or searching YouTube for the right video. Moreover, the Blinks App unlocks new capabilities for Blinks, such as high scores and achievements, and our commitment to open-source means that there is a goldmine of possibility.

Here's the coolest part!!! All of your existing Blinks don't become obsolete, instead, they all get access to this new Blinks game store. By design, Blinks were created to play an infinite amount of games, and introducing this singular Next-Gen Blink unleashes new power for the Blinks that you've already collected.

So how does it work?!

The Next-Gen Blink learns games from a tap of your phone. The magic of near field communication (NFC), allows for the transfer of games and achievements. The Blinks App allows you to browse a library of games already published, purchase, and download them directly to your blinks. We’re excited to feature new games from celebrity game designers as well as first-time game makers in the same space.

We can’t wait to bring you the Next-Gen Blink, and if you would like to be one of the first to try it out, take a moment to fill out the short survey, so we can understand better the needs of our community.

With endless gratitude,

Jonathan + the Move38 team