Sneak Peek of the Blink Link

Sneak Peek of the Blink Link

We've got a few big updates just in time for the Holidays! Read through to hear about our wildly successful PAX Unplugged experience, the Blink Link received a make-over, and a teaser video of the Blink Link receiving it's first (actually 3rd) game from an iPhone.

PAX Unplugged & Omegathon

This past weekend, the Move38 team got to connect with some backers and game designers, and the response to Blinks continues to astound us. Due to overwhelming demand, we sold out, and our most popular purchases were 18 & 21 games bundles!🤯

We rocked the house with a new Mario Party style of mini-games designed specifically for Omegathon. Everyone at PAX was excited about our next games. Our next Kickstarter will be launching in February 2022. Sign up here to make sure you get your Early Bird discounts!

A blinks Bomb Brigade competition. Only 1 will win!

We love how catchy it is to say Blink Link, and we also love how many of you mentioned the infinite games that this new link opens the doors for. The Blink Link logo gives nod to the NFC standard and dances with the idea of these infinite possibilities. We explored more link-like forms but ultimately fell in love with the fluidity of the form of our original Blink traveling along the infinity symbol.

The magic of NFC technology is looking even better than expected. I was shocked to see just how exciting this addition to the Blinks Game System will be. Take a look at the following video to see Josh testing the very first (errr actually 3rd) successful game upload to the Blink Link via NFC. Just like the blazing speed of the NFC, we are excited to be making all of this progress towards the future of in-person gaming.

Interested in Making Your Own Games for the App?

We're hosting game maker events in 2022, starting the year off with Global Game Jam in the last week of January. This is the perfect time to test a game idea, come up with a new one, or get help from the community in realizing the next great game.

Let us know here if you are interested in participating in Blinks Game Jams.