Behind the Scenes: The Legend of Speed Racer

Behind the Scenes: The Legend of Speed Racer

In Speed Racer, you race against your self to complete the road before the car hits the end and crashes. Unlike most racing games you control the track not the car.

 What is the History of Speed Racer?

Speed Racer was another early concept for Blinks that came together for the first 12 Blinks game release. We know that a racing game and were obsessed with having completely different styles of games. Racing would be fun but we're sure exactly how to execute it.

The basic idea of building a road ahead of a speeding car had its appeal and conceptually works like Snake—Keeping the line in motion without crashing.


What Makes it Unique?

Speed Racer was really the first Blinks game to focus on what we're calling open architecture meaning that we're not trying to limit (programmatically) how you can play with it. It can be competitive, multiplayer, solo, or can be played co-operatively. It can be played with (almost) any number of Blinks. It's even like a toy train set or car track. It's just fun.

Dan says "It was a watershed moment for the architecture of Blinks games and there were some games developed after that really benefited from us reimagining what it meant to be a game. I think this idea that blinks can quickly be an object of play and that they can serve this kind of dual purpose is great. You could hand them to a three-year-old and the three-year-old can have fun with them but an eight-year-old can learn a rule set and go okay i'm gonna get good at this game." Our goal now is to make Blinks games all have open-ended play possibilities.

If playing competitively, how do you keep score?

Speed Racer has no internal scoring mechanism but players have come up with different ways to gauge success. I've always used a stopwatch and see how long I can go without crashing. We've heard from other Blinks fans that they count how many segments they can place. People get very competitive with this game and have all sorts of ways to play.

Ideas for Play:

1. Count How many segments you can add to the road

2. Use a stop watch and see how long you can extend the road without crashing

3. Set up tracks side by side and run a drag race.


Fun Facts

Do you know about revving the engine?

We built a faster speed into the game to increase difficulty. You can click many times rapidly to speed up the engine of the car.

Multiple Cars

if you haven't launched multiple cars, try it with multiple cars

Multiple cars are a neat challenge that limit your ability to take roads from the end. When you have two cars you have to wait so that period at the end gets shorter it's really cool. You can also just set them up to crash cars you can try and see like you know you can set them up in a straight line and let them rip.


 Speed Racer is included in the Blinks Expansion Set and in the new Action Pack

 To hear even more details and see other ways to play, check out the stream above or read on.