Introducing the Blinks Game Packs (and more)

Introducing the Blinks Game Packs (and more)

You asked and we listened. We know that your games are an expression of yourself and that every players has game genres they prefer. We've created a easy way to customize your Blinks collection and get the games you want easily

In stock on April 1st, you can choose your own adventure with Blinks. Blinks Game Packs are 3 games in one package that follow along a theme or genre. Each pack includes special stickers and instruction books.

Why we did it?

We realized that six games is often either too much or not enough. We know that you want 9-12 Blinks for most games and that combining sets is key.

With the new Blinks Game System, 9 of the top Blinks games now come in one sweet package. The game packs extend this further and allow you to build your collection the way you want to. Each Game Pack comes with 3 games to extend your collection. We plan on new game pack releases each quarter so you can expect new releases regularly.

The first 4 game packs have something for everyone: Action, Puzzles, Strategy, or Fierce Competition.

Mix and match to your hearts content and get the Blinks Games you don't already have.


Ultimate Action Action Packed and good for kids as well as adults. Fast + Fun— this will surely be a crowd pleaser with one of our favorite games. Speed Racer. Find your timing with the futuristic shuffleboard of Flic Flop and the real-time survival strategy of Mortals

Solo Challenger

For those fans of puzzles, idle games, and games that can be played solo, this is your pack.

Dynamo has 3 mini games that are fun for one or more people. Honey is a living puzzle. And Indiecade-nominated Pirates & Lasers is fun both solo or co-op.

Master Strategist

Break out your thinking cap with these easy to learn but hard to master games of strategy.

Command the Viking horde and control the island in Raid. Be the first to 10 chess-like Berry. And make your Blinks happy by moving territory in Fracture.

Frenzied Showdown

For you competitive types, the kind who like winner take all challenges and fighting games this pack is for you. Reactor is a fast reaction competitive match. Battle Balloons is a head-to-head sky captain battle and the classic press your luck of Bomb Brigade is included in this pack.

And there's more right behind...

In Mid-April, we will drop the first of our new game packs for 2021. Hang tight because details will be released soon and you won't want to miss it.

 These game packs are available for pre-order in the shop and will be shipped once they are in stock on April 1st.