Introducing Bandits—Blinks Sakura Pack Preview

Introducing Bandits—Blinks Sakura Pack Preview

Bandits is part of the Blinks: Sakura Strategy Pack which dropped on Thursday April 15th.. We caught up with designer, David Page to share his thoughts on the game and get you excited about Bandits.

Describe your game/gameplay/why people would enjoy this game?

You play the role of a no good criminal trying to outwit the other Bandits in your gang to score more than your fair share of the sparkling loot in the middle of the table: a big bag of bright shiny diamonds!
You score by having the highest unique bid, but the lower your bid the more diamonds you acquire so you have to balance your risk vs reward. Each turn you can choose to go for the large pot in the middle or steal from your opponents. The fun part of the game is that the strategy changes based on who you play with and everyone has the choice between helping themselves or hurting others. It's best in a group - who doesn't love messing with your friends' emotions?
What is the Origin Story of your game? 
Bandits game out of the 2021 Global Game Jam, where I collaborated on the idea with someone who wanted to participate but didn't have the Blinks dev kit or coding experience. His inspiration was a simple "odd man out" game played only using the participants' hands/fingers, similar to the old game Morra. Since the Jam, I've updated the scoring mechanic and added interesting animations.
 What do you like best about Blinks? about developing games on Blinks?
Blinks are unique. Every time I show them off to someone for their first time, they cant help but smile as the hexagonal lights respond to the click of a button or magnet. I love how many games you can play using the same set. It's fun to develop games for the platform because the simplicity of the interface provides unique challenges but also lends itself to fast idea iteration since there's no rendering or complex worlds to create. Working with just the basics puts the game mechanics front and center, the people playing are the focus. The blend of digital arcade + traditional board game styles means Blinks are interactive AND tangible, which is a nice change of pace imho.
Tips, Tricks, Fun Facts, Easter Eggs, Strategy...
A tricky tip is to be vocal during the whole game to add another level of bluffing. If you say aloud what you're about to bid, during the reveal phase your opponents will be able to see if you're being truthful or not. Save the switch up (lie or truth) for a critical turn. It may not keep your opponents honest, but it'll at least give them something else to think about. 

There are a lot of winning strategies, especially when playing with the maximum of 6 people. You can fall into your role as the one who always bids the max and dares others to do the same, or alternatively bank on high bid ties and play the low-ball 1 to maximize payout. 

Meet the Designer

David Page, Designer of Battle Balloons

In Chicago, I live with my fiancé in a tiny apartment.

By day, I'm a consultant in the cybersecurity department.

By night, I tinker with Blinks and other tech toys.

I love playing games, maybe making some noise!

Connect with David

Instagram: @pagetonydavid
Twitter: @intraspire

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