Meet Gabriel Jones, Designer of Thalassophobia—Epic Adventure Kickstarter

Meet Gabriel Jones, Designer of Thalassophobia—Epic Adventure Kickstarter
Thalassophobia is part of the Blinks Epic Adventure Expansion, now available for pre-order

What is Thlasassophobia?

The word means a deep and persistent fear of the sea and we thought it apt for a watery survival maze game. 
In Thalassophobia, You are a cave driver with limited air supply and need to surface before you run out. You must find six cave openings to reach the surface. 
Game Art for Thalassophobia

How did you end up creating Thalassophobia?

I was introduced to Jon by Rikki Tahta, the designer of Coup. Jon did a demo of Blinks and I immediately fell in love. It turns out that my apartment is literally around the corner from Move38's offices. So I've actually been to the Blinks headquarters.  At the Global Game Jam earlier this year I designed my first Blinks game called Tsunami( It still needs a bit of work ;) 

In the meantime I began to work on a concept for a Dungeon Crawl game. There was too much going on there. Then Dan explained percolation theory. So I distilled Dungeon Crawl down to an escape the maze game called Labyrinth. Dan then sold me on an underwater theme and now we have Thalassophobia.
Interesting that I started with an aquatic theme with Tsunami and then we circled back with Thalassophobia.

What do you like best about making games with Blinks?

Blinks have a very specific set of constraints. Limited memory, one button, six bits for communication, six RGB LEDs. Liberties constrain. Constraints liberate. Rules will set you free.

About Gabriel
Gabriel Jones

Gabriel is a software engineer. He is fond of Scala and Git. He enjoys traveling with his wife and son. In his spare time he can be found sailing, SCUBA diving, rock climbing, designing jewelry, designing Blinks games, playing board games, or playing video games. Ask me about how the Linden Scripting Language from Second Life prepared me for programming Blinks.

Thalassophobia is part of the Blinks Epic Adventure Expansion