Introducing The Dragon's Lair...and meet the designers

Introducing The Dragon's Lair...and meet the designers

 Dragon's Lair is a new game for Blinks, designed by two members of the developer community. It was offered as a stretch goal in our Kickstarter Campaign and will soon be available. Read on to enter The Dragon's Lair with it's designers Francisco and Spencer.

Describe your game/gameplay/why people would enjoy this game?
The Dragon’s Lair is a frantic, fast paced treasure collection game with survival elements. Players work to evade a wide range of fierce dragon attacks while gathering an assortment of rubies, emeralds and gold. Challenge the dragon alone or with friends as you compete to gather as much treasure as you can before your luck runs out. Do you dare enter The Dragon’s Lair?


  1. What is the origin story of your game? How did it come to be?

After first discovering Blinks during the Community Set Kickstarter, Spencer happened to catch one of the Move38 Youtube live streams where they mentioned the Blinks developer forum. After learning that it was possible for amateur developers to make their own games, he started to consider what his “ideal” Blinks game would look like.  Eventually, he decided to write a few of these ideas down and the original concept for The Dragon’s Lair began to emerge.


Since Spencer didn’t have any previous programming experience, and his Kickstarter Blinks hadn't arrived yet he had never even considered developing the game himself. However, he figured that he would put some of his ideas out onto the forum so that someone more experienced than he was could potentially use them as inspiration for their games. After he had posted the idea for the original The Dragon’s Lair game concept on the Developers forum he met Francisco. Francisco let Spencer know that he was new to programming as well, and that he had taught himself how to code from the tutorials on the Developer forum. Even though he didn’t have blinks or a developer kit yet either, he had even managed to create a few games himself. He encouraged Spencer to give programming a shot, and let him know that he was happy to help him out along the way.

Together they brainstormed and refined gameplay concepts, and Spencer realized that Francisco shared his vision and excitement for the game. It was then that he asked Francisco to join him as a co-developer on the project. Together they programmed the original prototype for the game long before either of them were able to play it for themselves. After the initial prototype was created, they shifted their attention toward creating artwork for the game and Francisco was able to draft up much of the artwork that would eventually make it into the final game.

If there is one thing that Francisco and Spencer would like people to take away from this story it is that if you work hard and stick with it anyone can learn to program (especially for Blinks). While it might seem intimidating at first, there is a wide range of resources and a friendly and welcoming community waiting for you on the Move38 developer forum if you decide to take the plunge. It’s not as hard as you’d think, and the next great Blinks game could be yours!

  1. What do you like best about Blinks? About Developing games on Blinks?

One of our favorite things about the Blinks platform is the open source nature of the games. When we were learning to code, one of our favorite things to do was to open up the code for existing Blinks games and look at the nuts and bolts to see how they work. It was extremely valuable to see how different functions are used properly, and observe how they interact with each other. The Blinks community is also one of the most friendly and helpful places around; they really make things feel less intimidating when starting out.


Meet Spencer

Spencer is a Financial Analyst who lives in Arizona with his wife and son. As a life-long enthusiast of both board and video games, he spends much of his free time looking for new and interesting games to play with his friends and family. When not gaming, Spencer enjoys cooking, hiking, motocross, writing music, and binge watching the latest sci-fi and fantasy shows. With no previous background in programming or computer science, Blinks is his first venture into programming and game development.


 Meet Francisco

 Ever since he was a child, Francisco has always loved everything related to computers and technology. As a result, he ended up in the field of industrial engineering studying how to build things.

 Now Francisco works in a completely different field, but utilizes his spare time to fill that void by learning a wide range of things related to design; ranging from 3D, graphic, and game design. He is always trying to add unique and exciting new ideas to the projects that he’s involved in.

 Some of his hobbies include board games, video games, escape rooms, 3D printers, and photography. While he has many years of experience playing board games, Blinks were a new concept to him in that they serve as the perfect mix between board games and technology. He sees Blinks as his opportunity to learn how to code and design his own games and bring all of his crazy game ideas to life.

 Instagram: @_confus3d_