Meet the Move38 Team and Learn about Our Favorite Games

Meet the Move38 Team and Learn about Our Favorite Games

It's probably no surprise that the team at a game company likes games. We live, breathe, make, and dream about games. We even hosted a board game lunch pre-Covid in our office at NY Designs. As you'll see, we also have a wide-range of tastes which reveal a lot about us. Get to know the team at Move38 better and read on. Let's Play



Favorite board game: Hive (neck and neck w/ Rummikub, Set, and Battle Line)

Favorite video game: McKids, Super Mario Bros. 3

Favorite game system: NES

Favorite Sport, Playground or Bar Game:

Baseball (played for 20+ years, look forward to playing and coaching again)

Other fun facts about Jon:

Won a Gibson Les Paul from an impromptu air guitar contest (but I still don't know how to play real guitar).

When I was 11, I was top 20 <12yrs old in the US for table tennis and coincidentally my brother is now a professional commentator and table tennis celebrity.



Favorite board game: Boggle!

Favorite video game: Guild Wars 2 and Hatoful Boyfriend

Favorite Game System: Blinks, PC and the Nintendo DS systems if that counts?

Favorite sport, playground or bar games: Playing Mahjong in a smoky, dinky Mahjong bar in China.

Other fun facts about Elizabeth:



I went on a horse-riding mini adventure in Iceland two years ago which in principle should have been a fantasy fulfilled. Both me and the horse felt a certain kind of regret as we slowly sauntered towards the craggy volcanic fields because I couldn't control my signals as I was flopping from left to right from horse's low center of gravity. We survived my mixed signals and now I must live with the shame.

Favorite Board Game: Root

Favorite Video Game: Pyre

Favorite Game System: Blinks ;) followed by Nintendo Labo or Mech Warriors the arcade pods

Favorite Sport: I am obsessed with obstacle courses. I love tough mudders and spartan races. I don't care for sports that are competitive but overcoming gravity or goofy surfaces, I'm in.



Favorite Board Games: Magic the Gathering, Scrabble (all-time), Gloomhaven (lately)

Video Games: Rampage, Warlords II, NBA Jam,

System: Blinks, Vintage Arcade Cabinets, SNES, MS-DOS

Favorite Sports: Soccer, Table Shuffleboard, Bike Polo (yes that's a thing)

Back in 1998, I landed my teenage dream job in a comic and sports card shop (Thanks Ken Gee!) where I learned to play Magic: the Gathering, read every new issue of Preacher, and to loathe Pokemon (although I reluctantly knew all the names). Also, We were some of the first sellers ever on ebay to include photos and templates on our listings.



Favorite board game: Diplomacy (ironically, the friendship ender)

Favorite video game: Pokemon Ruby

Favorite game system: Hard to beat the Nintendo Wii, but I feel like in time the Switch will overtake it.

Favorite irl game: Curling - mostly as a spectator, but also I tried it once and it seemed fun.

Other fun facts about Dan

During a weird part of my career I worked for a company that organized celebrity photo ops, so I've met an unusual amount of B-list celebrities and TV actors. Joey Fatone is really nice.



Favorite board game? Stratego

Favorite video game?

"POSEIDON: The death of Olympus means the death of us all.

KRATOS: Then prepare for your death, Poseidon." 

Favorite game system? PC Master Race?

Favorite Sport, Playground or Bar Game? Football

Other fun facts about Ishmael

When I was 9, I tried to buy diamonds with $10 at an airport because I didn't know internationally they swapped "." And "," and that's why I ended up in finance.



What is your favorite board game?

Go aka Baduk aka Weiqi

What is your favorite video game?

Right now it is Hades Star.

Favorite game system of all time beside Blinks?

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Zelda, Mario, F-Zero, Street Fighter, good times.

Favorite Sport, Playground or Bar Game?

Table Shuffleboard with a generous amount of salt and schoolyard handball with 1 bounce.

Other fun facts about Hunter

Blinks makes you think. Sometimes they're pink. Make sure they're in sync so you can clink, clink, CLINK!


We'd love to hear from you. What's your favorite games to play? Let us know on your favorite social channel. Thanks for reading.