Introducing Mini Big Bots by Shawn Pierre

Introducing Mini Big Bots by Shawn Pierre

 We are excited to introduce you to Shawn Pierre's Mini Big Bots, a game in development for Blinks. Watch the video below to meet Shawn and learn more about Mini Big Bots.

 Shawn shows off Mini Big Bots on the Blinks Live Stream

Even dogs love Mini Bit Bots by Shawn Pierra


 Describe your game/gameplay/why people would enjoy this game?

Mini Big Bots is a competitive mix between a puzzle game & turn based fighting game. Players take turns changing the shapes of their blinks to strategically damage their opponents until they no longer have any blinks left. 

Mini Big Bots is a slower take on a fast paced genre, and it gives players a chance to think a bit more about their attack plans. Moves can be as long or as short as you want (though you shouldn’t plan for too long) 
    1. What is the Origin Story of your game? How did it come to be?
    Mini Big Bots started out as any game does, by throwing the game pieces at each other and seeing what things stick together. Luckily, the Blinks have magnets, so it was easy to see which pieces stick together. 
    I knew that I wanted to make a slower paced game, and the color combinations reminded me of element types from a popular monster fighting game. What followed was me sliding different color groups at each other and watching what shapes they made which slowly morphed into what the game is now.
      1. What do you like best about Blinks? about developing games on Blinks?
      One of the best things I find about Blinks is how fun they are to manage, regardless of if you have a game running or not. Simply connecting and disconnecting Blinks from one another is enjoyable and responsive. Developing is a bit of the same. Writing code that changes color gives each individual Blink a lot of life, and building a basic concept for a game enhances the playfulness that each tile has while connecting them to one another.


        Shawn is an experimental game designer with both a drive and a knack for integrating experimental gameplay and innovative technology. His work includes traditional and nontraditional games such as The Island; a procedurally generated game using an Amazon Echo, Urban Werewolf; an SMS adaptation of the classic folk game combining mobile and real world conversations, and Choices; a listener driven investigation podcast. Shawn is a co-facilitator of the Philly Game Mechanics, an active and vibrant community of Philadelphia game developers. Back in the outside days, he would take dance classes and make sourdough before bread flour became a hot commodity.