Introducing Treasure Tumble. Blinks Epic Adventure Expansion Preview

Introducing Treasure Tumble. Blinks Epic Adventure Expansion Preview

We were stoked to include Treasure Tumble in the upcoming Blinks Epic Adventure. Pre-Orders are open.

 Meet Jacob and learn more about Treasure Tumble below

Blinks Treasure Tumble


Describe your game/gameplay/why people would enjoy this game?

Treasure Tumble is a rapid-fire puzzle game where you are an archaeologist exploring an ancient treasure chamber, only to find yourself facing off against a rival archeologist as you compete to collect the most falling treasure. This game requires you to think fast and play smart as the board constantly shifts with the falling riches. It is also the first Blinks game designed to be played vertically, so you must keep your pieces precariously balanced or risk losing it all.


What is the Origin Story of your game?

It all started this summer at the beginning of my internship with Move38 when Dan told us interns that the idea for a vertical Blinks game had been floating around for a while, but there hadn’t been a full concept developed. At the same time, I had been developing lots of fun marble-based toys and games on the side, and I began to wonder if there could be a digital version of those analog toys programmed to be played with on Blinks. This game began as the meeting point between those two ideas. At first the game played more like a toy, with lots of different pieces redirecting “marbles” falling to the bottom. But now with the Treasure Tumble concept, I’m working on converting the foundation of the toy idea into a proper competitive game.


Paper Prototyping Blinks Treasure Tumble

 Paper Sketches of game mechanics

What do you like best about developing games on Blinks?

My favorite thing about the Blinks is the ease of programming. I’m not a hardcore programmer, but I’ve dabbled with things like Unity in the past and found them to be very fickle and complex. What’s great about Blinks is that most games are no more than 800 lines of code, which is really not that much at all. I’ve only been programming for Blinks since mid-May, but already I’ve picked up enough experience to feel confident that with enough trial and error I can get most anything working. And if I’m having trouble, the open-source community is so supportive and helpful that I could either refer to existing code from other games for inspiration, or ask for help directly, and be able to come up with a working solution.

I think Blinks are a perfect introductory tool for game development. Much like the games you can play on the Blinks system, the Blinks API is simple enough to easily pick up and learn the basics, but still offers lots of depth to create really impressive and interesting games.


Treasure Tumble is part of the Blinks Game System Epic Adventure. Pre-Order Today!