Introducing Ghost Hunters by Keir Williams

Introducing Ghost Hunters by Keir Williams

We were stoked to include Keir Williams' Ghost Hunters in Blinks Epic Adventure. Watch the video below to meet Keir and learn more about Ghost Hunters.

Keir joins the livestream to discuss Ghost Hunters

Keir on developing games with Blinks:
I really love the innovation that Blinks brings to tabletop gaming. The idea of many games in one board feels fresh and fun. Developing games for Blinks is a blast because it gives you immediate, fun feedback, and your imagination is the only limit for the games to be made. 


About Keir

Keir Williams loves all things tabletop gaming and has immensely enjoyed applying his background in mathematics and computer science to creating a game of his own. In addition to being a tabletop enthusiast, Keir is a Philadelphia based stand up comedian who spends his time at clubs and bars all over the northeast.

Connect with Keir

Instagram: @Keirxl


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