Introducing Pirates & Lasers for Blinks Community Set

Introducing Pirates & Lasers for Blinks Community Set

Pirates & Lasers

Pirates and Lasers

Winner of "Blinks Best In Show" at Playcrafting NYC Global Game Jam 2020

Keep your ship afloat in this unique strategy game. Repair the deck each round as your ship is being attacked. 

A turn has three stages - Rearrange, Repair, and Lasers! During Rearrange, Ship and Hazard Blinks are moved to prevent damage. During Repair, resources can be moved from one part of the Ship to another. During Lasers!, the Hazard Blinks fire off their lasers, dealing damage to any part of the Ship in its path. The game ends when any part of the Ship hits zero health. See how many turns you can survive in a given scenario!" 


 Read More about Pirates & Lasers by Move38 Game Designer, Dan King

Meet the Designers


Theo Johnson has a background in Human-Computer Interaction and Cognitive Science, with which he has conducted and published Gaming User Research on some of the most popular Virtual Reality Headsets (HTC VIVE, Facebook Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR). This is his first game he has developed with a team. He enjoys gaming, research, and solving complex research questions for video games that are in development and in public release.

Michael Cooper is a game programmer in the New York Metropolitan area. He currently makes event entertainment games for Xcite Interactive. He was a lead developer on Fragile Equilibrium. Having graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in game development, he loves working on all types of games from Virtual Reality to advertising to the Xbox. He just thinks its fun to make games..

Ian Cummins is a student at SUNY Oswego studying Cognitive Science, Psychology, and Human-Computer Interaction. With a lifetime of playing and loving games, he wants to see how games and play can shape us and how we interact with the world.

Priscilla McGann is an Art Director in Advertising whose game dev career has just started off, with a few award winning games from Game Jams, and individual game “The Home in the Glass” in development. Her Advertising background is apparent in her games as she uses creative interactivity and themes to tell a story. You can see more of her work on her website at


Pirates and Lasers is available in the Blinks Community SetPreorder Here