Introducing Paintbrush for the Blinks Community Set

Introducing Paintbrush for the Blinks Community Set

Paintbrush by Carol Mertz and Mary McKenzie

The Game

From designers Mary McKenzie (Sleepy Kraken, Battlecakes) and Carol Mertz (Hell Couch, We Should Talk), Paintbrush is a deeply strategic game coming soon the Blinks Game System. Paintbrush, like all great strategy games, uses simple mechanics to create complex situations, all made possible by Blinks, the world's first smart tabletop game system. AI-powered game pieces act as both brush and canvas, and players take turns rearranging the dynamic pieces to spread their color onto as many blank canvasses as they can. Simple mechanics mean the game can be picked up easily, but the strategic depth allows for repeated play and the possibility of mastery.

Paintbrush is a game for 2 to 6 players, played with 6 or more Blinks. A typical game of Paintbrush can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, with larger player counts and more Blinks often leading to longer games. Each player selects a unique Paintbrush color, and take turns moving individual Blinks around the board to spread their color onto blank canvasses. A canvas which has been painted entirely with one color becomes a Paintbrush itself. Once all the Blinks have been converted to Paintbrushes, the game is over, and whichever player has the most Paintbrushes wins.

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The Designers

Mary McKenzie is the Managing Partner at Volcano Bean, a midwestern indie studio currently working on BattleCakes: a snack-sized RPG. She is also the Games and Community Director for PixelPop Festival in St. Louis.Her current and previous games include BattleCakes (coming 2021), Sleepy Kraken (iOS, Android), and Where's My Goblin (iOS, Android)Learn more about her games at

Carol Mertz is an independent game designer, Executive Director of indie game conference PixelPop Festival, and MFA graduate of the NYU Game Center. Having worked for over a decade in interactive arts and media, her portfolio of work centers around creating and supporting multidisciplinary projects that expand our perspective, help us learn about ourselves and each other, and challenge the typical boundaries of play. She is the co-creator of HELLCOUCH: A Couch Co-op Game, Kroma (winner of the 2019 IndieCade Audience Choice Award), We should talk. (coming Summer 2020 for PC and consoles), and SmuggleCraft (available now for PC/PS4/Switch).Learn more about her work at or play her games on

Paintbrush is available in the Blinks Community SetPreorder Here