Introducing Blinks Summer Games to the Blinks Developer Community

Introducing Blinks Summer Games to the Blinks Developer Community


Hello Blinks Developers!

As you may know, or as you’re about to find out, Move38 just released a first-of-its-kind booster set for Blinks called the Blinks 2020 Summer Games. This set of 3 brand-new games is being released outside of the typical Kickstarter release cycle, and without the restrictions of buying Blinks in packs of 6.

Customers will have the option to buy either all 3 games in a single pack, or purchase one or more of them individually. It’s a really cool experiment to see how our customers respond to this kind of offering, and we’re looking forward to hearing all of your thoughts and opinions about this kind of release!

More importantly, we wanted to connect with you, the developer community, because this new release represents a big change in how we work directly with you.

All 3 of these games - Heist by Keir Williams, Dynamo by Jonathan West, and Battle Balloons by David Page - were first discovered on the developer forum. In fact, there wasn’t a plan to release a set of games this summer originally, but at the end of the last Kickstarter we were so impressed by the quality of games on the forum that we re-arranged our whole schedule to make sure these games got published. And in the few months since we started this process, many more games have been posted that we think deserve the same treatment.

This is where all of you come in. What we learn from this release will help us determine how often we can release games directly from the community in this way. If you like this idea, you can help make it a success by spreading the word.

This is a great time for new Blinks customers to get on board - all the 2020 Summer Games are designed to work with 7 or more Blinks, so new customers can get a Core Set to start off, then add this booster for the full experience!

As we release these games we are formalizing a new process for all of you to submit your games for consideration. So please keep sharing and posting the amazing content we’ve been seeing in the forums, and know that we’ll be working on this new system while you do!

There's a clear interest in new games. Over 400/500 games sold in less than 24 hours. If you want to get the new games and support the developers, get in quick. If you miss this release, you can try out the games directly from the developer forum because you're devs and you have the power! :)