Bringing Blinks to the Global Game Jam

Bringing Blinks to the Global Game Jam
Global Game Jam lines up for Blinks

Teams participating in Global Game Jam 2020 line up to get their Blinks developer kits

We were so excited this year to sponsor and participate in the Playcrafting NYC Global Game Jam @ Microsoft. We not only got to play Blinks Games with loads of participants but lent out developer kits to 10 teams of Jammers to make new games for Blinks. 

4 of our 12 launch title games for the Blinks Games System came from jams and events with our developer community. This GGJ2020 weekend, we offered tech support and prizes for the best games developed for Blinks. Over the course of the weekend a total of 8 games were developed at GGJ2020 and we are incredibly amped to continue working with game designers + developers from this community.

Blinks Awards...And the Winners Are....

Blinks awards

Best Game Overall 
Lasers vs Pirates
by Priscilla McGann, Theo Johnson, Ian Cummins, Michael Cooper

This well-thought out strategy game, much more like a board game than an arcade game offered interesting turn-based mechanics and thoughtful animations. 

We gave it our highest marks because the team really dove in this weekend and produced a polished, thoughtful, and complex game that was also fun to play. 

Lasers & Pirates team 

Most Innovative 
Pay Up by Spencer Kee and Aaron Santiago

This fast-paced reaction game involved rapid-fire pattern recognition and speedy fingers. It was addictively fun, easy to learn, and drew a crowd through the demo time.

We felt it deserved "Most Innovative" for its unique adaptation of a quick-to-learn arcade style mechanics

Pay Up team 

Most On Theme 
Group Therapy by Brett Taylor 

This game is a quick and kinetic game of fracturing and rebuilding groups of like- colored Blinks. It plays well as a single player experience but it really shines as a cooperative game involving reflexes and communication between players

We awarded it "Most on Theme" because of how well it evoked feelings of restoration and repair and serves to bring players together.

Group Therapy

It was a fantastic weekend of games, game development, and new friends.
See all games submitted to GGJ here


... and how about some more photos of our jammers :)

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