Blinks Game Jam 2021 Winners Announced

Blinks Game Jam 2021 Winners Announced

We wanted to thank everyone for participating in Global Game Jam 21. 
There was an amazing amount of work this past weekend with over 30 game ideas worked on and 12 complete game submissions. There were so many amazing games that we want to see developed, pushed further, and hopefully published in the future.

Watch the Award Show Below

Here's our Winners!

Best Overall 
Trifoil by Aaron Santiago and Spencer Kee.

Unique Two Player Strategy with elements of Chinese Checkers or Go. Crowd pleaser for abstract strategy fans.

Innovation Award
S.L.E.U.T.H by Mark Mayer & Justin Baker

We loved the noir theme and the interactions on this game and there is some amazing things under the hood. Bringing the Magic to the Table once again.

Honorable Mention — Brain Buster
Lost Gems of Gigol Jungle by Huey

This game is addictive and requires a lot of strategy. It really got us into that "I have to master this" mindset. 

Honorable Mention—Going Places
Forgot Me Not by 
Jeph Stahl

A flower themed puzzle with increasingly difficult levels. 

Blinks Family Award (Tie)

We were impressed and excited to see not just one but TWO games designed by daddy/ daughter teams and both had aquatic animal themes. Great game ideas for the kids and the thought of this kind of paired game-making makes us go awwwww. 

Frogs: Freddicus + Julia

Turtle: Nick and Charlotte

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We can't wait to see what you make! Check out our developer resources to learn more about making games with Blinks