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The earliest supporters of Blinks wanted to make their own games with our unique hardware. As creators ourselves, we put developers first. We've made the hardware + software easy, so you can make games, experiences, and experiments you love. We love to be part of an active community and participate in workshops, festivals, game jams, and other community events.

Developer Supported, Supporting Developers

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Move38 is proud to have come out of the maker community and Blinks wouldn't exist without the love and support of developers. In fact, more than 50% of games published on Blinks have been designed and developed by aspiring designers like you. Make a game that just blows us away, we have a system for licensing, publishing and revenue sharing for developers. Read more here.

Accessible and Open Hardware

Blinks have very few inputs and outputs that result in a shockingly endless platform for exploration. Each Blink includes a physical button, self-aligning magnetic sides, and a custom 6 segment LED display. Each "pixel" of a Blink can display 5-bit RGB (32,768 colors) and animate at ~30fps. Because Blinks can teach each other, uploading your code to one Blink allows it to upload to all of your Blinks, the perfect way to test and share games.


Blinks SDK

Writing your first line of code is as easy as setColor(RED) to make the Blink glow red! Built on top of the Arduino IDE, Blinks are developed in a friendly, accessible IDE already used by millions and a standard in schools for STEM/STEAM around the world. Blinks come with lots of examples, 20+ open source games, and a community of developers eager to help you get started or play test your games!

Find the Blinks SDK on Github. Check out the Blinks API here.

Indistinguishable from Magic ****

Blinks are the result of nearly 6 years of research design and development from the MIT Media Lab, the birth place of e-ink and other technological advances that are informed by and steer culture. A strong culture of open source making, hacking, and lifelong learning is embedded with each set of Blinks.


Professor of Game Design at Northeastern, Celia Pearce, says of her process designing Fracture that "rapid prototyping iteration was really great because it allowed us to engage with the physical affordances of the system." Also you can hear the developer of Darkball share his experience developing with Blinks or message someone on the forum!

The Best Developer Community

We're biased, but seriously, the community could not be more welcoming, fun, and open-minded. New games and experiments are posted daily by members of the Blinks Developer Forum. It's the perfect place to meet others excited to make games, experiment, and collaborate.

Visit the Blinks Developer Forum

Can anyone design games for Blinks?

Yep! Blinks are an Open Source platform! In addition to launching the Blinks Game System, Move38 gladly welcomes game designers to join the Blinks Developer Community. API Documentation is available for anyone interested in building games of their own. If you have your own ISP programmer all you need is the base set. We have a variety of developer tools for working with Blinks below.


Blinks Developer Tools

The following are included in each of the Blinks Developer Kits

USB programmer - works with Mac/PC/Linux devices to upload your code onto Blinks

Dev Blink - designed to allow for quick uploading of games and iteration. This Blink has its electronics exposed and ports to connect the programmer and serial tool.

Publish Tool - pogo-pin adapter for the programmer to install your code onto any Blink you choose, the perfect way to bring your own games with you.

Serial Tool - a classic debug tool returns to Blinks, allowing you to print directly from your sketch to your computer. Designed to work with the Dev Blink, a serial connection to the computer might inspire other creative projects as well!


Bare-Bones Dev Kit 6 Blinks Dev Kit 6 Blanks

Part 1: What's in the developer Kits