Blinks Developer Tools 2.0 Announced + Available for Preorder

Blinks Developer Tools 2.0 Announced + Available for Preorder


If you are interested in getting the most out of your Blinks, our developer kit is the icing on the cake of what sets our game system apart. You already know that the Community Set games were developed by an incredible collection of game designers that made the most of Blinks open-source resources.

If you are already part of the Blinks dev community, these upgrades are a direct response to all of the helpful feedback we've received from Alpha, Beta, and the first production run of Developer Kits. Our developer kits are composed of the following 5 key pieces of hardware:

1. USB Programmer

2. Developer Blink

3. Publishing Tool

4. Serial Adapter

5. Blanks

Developer Tools for Blinks

The USB Programmer is what it sounds like. One end plugs into your computer (MacOS, Windows, & Linux supported), and the other end connects to a Developer Blink.

The Developer Blink is a really elegant solution in both Hardware and Software. (Watch the video to really see just how beautiful this process is). The developer Blink lets you see all of the guts of the Blink and provides a **Hands-Free** connection to the USB Programmer. Your hands get to stay at the keyboard and upload sketch after sketch 10x faster than before without fear of failure and **No Batteries Necessary.**

The Publishing Tool allows you to upload your own games and sketches onto any Blink or Blank. This is powerful for being able to play your games once you want to play them anywhere you go.

The Serial Adapter is for the serious developer that wants to use print statements to debug, or for the tinkerer that wants to explore creating experiences that connect Blinks to computers. (i.e. turning your Blinks into a MIDI instrument)

Blanks are not limited to developers, but they are the perfect place to store your creations.

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