10 Reasons to Join Global Game Jam.

10 Reasons to Join Global Game Jam.

 Last January, we partnered with Playcrafting to host North America's largest Global Game Jam site here in New York. We brought developer kits and our expertise, and the jammers who worked with us brought their creativity and determination, ultimately producing some of our favorite games of 2020 in only 48 hours! Some of your favorite games

These were made over that weekend. It was an amazing experience, and one that we are happy to be bring back for 2021 with a few (pandemic-related) changes.

For 2021, Global Game Jam is going virtual! This means we can invite every single one of you, whether you live in the New York area or overseas, to participate in the Playcrafting virtual site. Move38 is once again a partner in this site, which means we'll be there to help everyone develop brand new Blinks games and compete for the glory (and the prizes) to be had at one of the world's largest jam sites!


10 Reasons to Jam this year

  1.  Make New Friends and Connections 👯‍♂️ Teamwork makes the dream work.

  2. Create the Blinks game of your dreams 🕹 Prototype and Iterate Ideas Quickly

  3. Learn New Skills and Have 🎉 Fun 😀 doing it.

  4. Be Creative 🦕 Game Jams bring out the best in us.

  5. Get Published💰Blinks games come from the Community and 4 recent Blinks Games came directly out of Global Game Jam 2020

  6. Connect with Amazing Mentors 👩‍🏫 and get plugged into the Blinks Developer Community

  7. Shape the Future of Games with a brand new platform

  8. Learn valuable programming skills or improve existing ones

  9. Excited Playtesters will be at the Ready to try your games

  10. 4 Days of non-stop fun!


There's much more information to come, including info about prizes and dev support, but until then we highly encourage you to sign up for the site here  and to jump on the forum to start making teams.

Let us know if you are participating here

Check out the Blinks Developer Forum

Check out the Blinks Community on Discord.


Global Game Jam is only 3 weeks away. Looking forward to making games with you.