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Smart Tabletop Game Platform

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World's First Phygital tabletop game platform.

Blinks brings the immersiveness of digital gaming to the face-to-face fun of tabletop gaming with friends and family.

Responds to Touch

Blinks respond to your touch and speak in the langauge of lights.

AI-powered Gamepieces

Blinks AI-powered gamepieces communicate with each other and play games of adaptive complexity.

Fast. Fun. On the Go!

An expanding platform of games to bring the whole family from screen to table. Headed out the door? Blinks travel with you everywhere you go.




The Blinks Game System is a platform for phygital tabletop games. Each Blink is both a cartridge for a single game and a piece that can be used in any game. The more Blinks, the more possibilities!


Be the last survivor


Cooperative puzzler

Bomb Brigade

Push your luck


Don't be greedy!


Are you fast enough?

Puzzle 101

Build a stronger bond

Zen Flow

Get a hand on mindfulness

Flic Flop

Futuristic shuffleboard

Speed Racer

How fast can you go?


Space mining frenzy


Feed the queen


Upgrade your game night!

Open Platform. Open-Source. Endless Possibilities.

From the MIT Media Lab to your game night

Connected Play

Redefining what it means to be connected. Blinks create their own local mesh network using invisible light. This allows Blinks to play games that are more than simply the sum of their parts.

No Cloud Necessary

Blinks are smart devices. So smart that they can evolve to learn new games. The only clouds you'll need are the nice puffy ones above your campsite while you enjoy Blinks games.

Open-Source Hardware

Blinks are standing of the shoulders of brilliant tech innovators before them. The tools of Processing and Arduino as well as hardware platforms such as Sifteo (RIP).

The Developer Community

all are welcome (a principle of Move38)

Developer Forum

Join the community by suggesting new games, helping others debug their own games, and sharing what you'll make with your Blinks.

Blinks SDK Documentation

The Blinks SDK is learnable in under an hour. Get started with some simple code examples and our documentation hosted on GitHub.

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Jonathan Bobrow

Founder & CEO

Ishmael Asante


Daniel King

Game Design Lead

Marty Wood

Communications Lead

Joshua Levine

Electronics Lead

And a community of over 1100+ supporters via Kickstarter!


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