Introducing Group Therapy for Blinks Community Set

Introducing Group Therapy for Blinks Community Set

Group Therapy

Can't we all just get along?! It's your job to get these Blinks what they need most: extroverts want neighbors, introverts need their space.  It's a focused frenzy for one or many!

 Brett Taylor, designer of Group Therapy, introduces the game.


More about Brett Taylor

Group Therapy is the latest game from indie developer Brett Taylor, known for his award-winning puzzle game Linelight, as well as his games Bright Notes and Combi. Brett brought his passions for profound mechanical simplicity and interpersonal theming to the Blinks platform first at the Global Game Jam in 2020, where he created the prototype for Group Therapy in less than 48 hours. He is thrilled to be one of the first designers to publish on Blinks, and already has more games in the works. When he's not creating innovative games under his own name, Brett is a designer at Playdead, creating puzzles and more for Playdead's upcoming third game.

Brett's Awards

Bit Awards 2016: Rising Pixel (Winner), Best PC/Console Game (Finalist), Best Style (Finalist) Gameacon 2016: Game of the Year (Winner)

Brett's Games

Linelight · 2017 PS4, Steam, iOS, and Android

Bright Notes · 2018 iOS self-kindness app

Combi · 2019 iOS, published with Simple Machine, LLC


Group Therapy is available in the Blinks Community Set. Preorder Here


Group Therapy by Brett Taylor