Game Maker Kit
Game Maker Kit
Game Maker Kit
Game Maker Kit
Game Maker Kit
Game Maker Kit
Game Maker Kit
Game Maker Kit
Game Maker Kit
Game Maker Kit
Game Maker Kit

Game Maker Kit


Create your own games! Upload, iterate and publish games with the tools included. The Developer Blink allows for hands-free programming, with quick uploads and automatically syncs connected Blinks.

NOTE: This is only the Developer Tools! Meant for those who already have the Blinks Game System.

What's in the box:

1 x Developer Blink
1 x USB Programmer
1 x FTDI Serial Board
1 x Serial Adapter
1 x Publish Tool
2 x USB Cable (6" cable & 3' cable)
1 x Spudger

"Our household has found them to be a very fun and unique gaming experience. Aces!" -John V. USA

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Want to make games?

Blinks is an open-source game system with an active community of 800+ game designers/developers. Nearly 1 in 5 Blinks owners also owns a game maker kit. As creators ourselves, we put game makers first. We foster an active community by hosting workshops, holding game jams, participating in festivals, and other community events. Get a Game Maker Kit and join the community!

Included in the Box


Hands-free Development

Designed for game makers, the dev-blink plugs into your computer and is powered via USB. Click 'Upload' and you're done, it's that easy!


POCKET AVR Programmer

Made in the USA, this reliable little programmer will not only program your Blinks for game development, but any other AVR device for hardware hackers, too!

Getting Started Guide

Quick, Easy Setup

We designed our own API with functions like setColor(RED). Beginners to experts are welcome and encouraged to make games on the Blinks platform.

"Downright Enchanting"

"Can't stop playing"

"A game of the future"

Gold Award Recipient