Blinks: Epic Bundle—15 Games

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15 exciting games for you to explore and master!

The Epic Bundle includes the Blinks Game System and the Epic Adventure expansion with 15 Blinks, 15 Games, and 3 Sushi Roll carrying cases to bring your Blinks on the go. Find your Zen, Join the Adventure, Take your chance and unlock the magic of Blinks.  Be the first to get your hands on a board game with a mind of its own. 

What's in the box?

15 Games:

  • Astro An asteroid field rich with rare space ore awaits you. Can you collect enough to fill your cargo hold before your competition does?

  • Darkball is Pong for the Blinks Game System. Players put their timing to the test against a speedy disappearing ball and each other. 

  • Group Therapy It's your job to get these Blinks what they need most: extraverts want neighbors, introverts need their space. It's a focused frenzy for one or many!

  •  Heist  It's Crokinole for crooks! Fling your Blinks at the vault in an attempt to take the gold!

  •  Paintbrush is a deeply strategic game with pieces act as both brush and canvas.

  • Puzzle 101 Challenge yourself or work with friends to solve an endless supply of self-generating puzzles!

  • WHAM! is Whack-A-Mole at any scale, in any arrangement, for any number of players.

  • ZenFlow Sometimes you need to relax and bliss out at your desk. Be mesmerized by swirling colors and patterns as Blinks share their happiness. 

  • Widgets UPGRADE YOUR GAME NIGHT The Blink becomes your favorite new game accessory!  Need to roll dice, but don't have the space? Use the dice widget. Settle the score with a coin flip. Spin your own wheel of fortune. You could even use these widgets to invent your own game! We've created 4 unique games that use Widgets: Takeway Dice, Spinomino, Flip Bet, & Topple Stones.

  • Tip Toe Volcano by Big Potato Games

  • Ghosthunters by Keir Williams

  • Alchematch by Brett Taylor

  • Crownfall by Robert Canciello, Nicole Polidore, Connor Wolf,& Jacob Surovsky

  • Treasure Tumble by Jacob Surovsky

  • Thalassophobia by Gabriel Jones

  • 3 x Sushi Roll carrying case
  • 2 x Game Instructions
  • 2 x Blinks game box








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