About Move38

Play Shapes the Way We Think

At Move38, we believe that play shapes the way we think. The games we play with are imbued with the power to teach new skills and refine the ones we already possess. Games can help teach problem solving, and more importantly, they encourage social engagement. Whether we enjoy role-playing, action, or even tabletop, we can all come together as a community to celebrate the games we love. Our Blinks Game System has games for just about every type of person, and we are excited to change the way people interact with these types games when face-to-face.


We believe in an open-source philosophy and actively support a community to join us on this mission of changing the world of in-person play. We welcome anyone to make a game on our system, and they already have! Our community is filled with people who identify as lifelong learners and those on the quest for creativity! If you see yourself in Move38, we'd love to hear from you whether you are a gamer, designer, or just a fan, say hi! We are based in NYC, but you can find us at most major conventions. Email us at


If you would like to write about us and the things we put into the world, we'd love to help you. We have photos, video, and some blurbs that describe what we make and why we make it here in our Press Kit. Also, say hello,