About Move38

Play Shapes the Way We Think

At Move38, we know that play shapes the way we think. The tools and toys we play with are imbued with the power to teach new skills and refine the ones we already possess. Toys are not simply child's play, but essential objects to think with1 and navigate our complex world. We entrust toys to teach our children fundamental physics, and more importantly, they encourage social engagement, helping us interact with each other, hands-on, and face-to-face. The social intimacy of play drives us to create. Our mission is to delight hands, challenge minds, and inspire curiosity.

Raise a Generation of Systems Thinkers

The modern world is a complex system. As participants, we are committed to shaping it for the better through play. We design and build products to enable a generation of systems thinkers. Systems thinkers can intuit the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Systems thinkers don’t see the world for individual components, but rather the way they interact. Playful systems are for having fun. Move38’s first products deliver play that promote systems thinking and “could make you more creative.”


We provide new perspectives and the freedom to play with the subtle boundary of simplicity2 and complexity3. We create aesthetic experiences informed by the underlying systems of science and nature. We are curious designers, architects, mathematicians, artists, game designers, and technologists inventing new forms of play. Our thinking is shaped by the toys and tools we play with and we are joining this conversation by building our own. Moreover, we believe in an open-source4 philosophy and actively support a community to join us on this mission.

Deeply Considered

We consider every aspect of our products from the way they feel in your hand to the effects they may have on our planet. Our ability to design our own tools allow us to rethink traditional manufacturing and create toys that are designed with sustainability in mind. We aim to reduce waste by designing objects that you’ll want to keep around for a while.

Commitment to Lifelong Learning

Education is something that happens to you, learning is something you do. We are not educators, we enable lifelong learning. Our products are not designed for the classroom, but that hasn’t kept them out of teachers' hands. They are actively used by educators and we dedicate resources to support their efforts to enrich creative problem solving through play.

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Say Hello!

We'd love to hear from you, whether you own one or all of our products, are a fan of what we do, or would like to join us in our efforts. We're based in NYC5 and enjoy seeing new faces in our lab, studio, and innovation hub. We'll probably share our toys with you, but retain the right to try our hardest to beat you at our own games 😉.


If you would like to write about us and the things we put into the world, we'd love to help you put your thing into the world as well. We have photos, video, and some blurbs that describe what we make and why we make it here in our Press Kits.


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