Blinks: Puzzle Wizard Pack (Limited Edition)



Expand your Blinks collection with the Puzzle Wizard Pack. If you love Puzzle101, you will love these magical games. 

We've crafted three spectacular trials for all aspiring wizards out there. Don't miss your chance to challenge the Puzzle Wizard! 🧙‍♂️ 


Dispel challenges you to turn off all segments of your puzzle by applying the correct combination of rune patterns. Use your logic, deduction, and wits to dispel the hex! 


The Cloud Game, inspired by Lights Out, is a customizable puzzle game that challenges you to fill a clear sky with clouds. Clear skies aren’t always peaceful...There’s been an infamous drought, and a small town has sought your magical, wizardly talents to call upon a much needed storm. 


Forget-me-not is a memory game filled with surprises as each stage increases in difficulty. Take a deep breath. Recall the past. Remember the Blink that changed to move onto the next stage. 


Game Pack Includes

  • Dispel with limited edition, holographic, battery back sticker
  • The Cloud Game with limited edition, holographic, battery back sticker
  • Forget-Me-Not with limited edition, holographic, battery back sticker
  • Wizardly Purple Velvet Bag
  • Holographic Commemorative Sticker

* Some of these games are designed to play with at least 12 Blinks. *

* Limited Edition Games do not include standard packaging *


The Puzzle Wizard Pack will be packaged and shipped in September. 


To Reduce waste, Move38 will ship Puzzle Wizard Packs with other items in your cart. 

If you'd like separate shipments, please place separate orders for Puzzle Wizard and for other items.


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