Kickstarter Consulting

In the past 10 years Kickstarter has enabled independents as well as established companies to launch new products, build communities, and connect with audiences that wasn’t possible only a decade ago. The Kickstarter platform has become a tool in our belt that we’ve honed as an art, a craft, as well as a science. With our own 10 years experience on the platform, we know how to help creators skip the pitfalls. We only work with creators that we personally believe in, making us true advocates and hyped to launch their exceptional projects.

We're on Kickstarter

Our Credentials

  • 10+ successful Kickstarter campaigns
  • Experience running campaigns in multiple categories:
  • Design, Tech, and Games
  • A combined $1M+ raised on the Kickstarter platform
  • Up to 50% follow sales with checkout in pledge manager

Areas of Expertise

  • Prelaunch Prep
  • Building a mailing list and following
  • Influencers and reviewers
  • Events and conventions
  • Campaign design and management
  • Manufacturing, shipping, logistics, fulfillment
  • After Kickstarter

Our Offerings


Provide guidance to avoid common pitfalls and get past hurdles that will inevitably show up

  • Video chat
  • Email correspondence
  • Network of manufacturers(local & global) and full-stack operations
  • Network of manufacturers(local & global) and full-stack operations

Starting at $500 

Prelaunch and Campaign Strategy/Design

We help you build a plan for your campaign and get you ready for launch

  • Pricing
  • Goal setting
  • Storytelling
  • Marketing material planning
  • Audience building strategy
  • Includes Coaching

Starting at $2000

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