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How To Make Troxes

There are many different ways to combine Troxes, in fact, there are an infinite number of ways and an equal amount of curious shapes and forms to build with.

    Starting in the abstract is difficult, so lets create a few well understood members of the Trox family, the Trox Platonic Solids. The first of these solids requires 4 pieces and gets its shape/name from a Tetrahedron. Meet Tetra Trox :)

    How to make a Tetra Trox

    Four pieces combined to create a single Tetra Trox, and you can continue to build Tetra's and combine them into magnificent structures. Did you know that the proteins in our own bodies fold in a similar way? According to scientists and people with really great vision, many proteins fold in tetrahedral chains.

    How to make an Octa Trox

    Ready for a tougher challenge? Meet Octa Trox. Guess how many pieces Octa Trox has? If you guessed 8, you're correct! With 8 pieces we'll construct an entirely new form, different than making two Tetras and joining themFollow the video below to build your very first Octa Trox.

    How to make an Icosa Trox

    The final Trox Platonic Solid is composed of a whopping 20 pieces. The form it makes is commonly found in nature, as a variety of viruses rely on the balance of simplicity and complexity of its form. The 20 faced Trox is called Icosa, and it takes its name from the Icosahedron, known in some circles as "d20" :)

    Tips & Tricks

    Here are a few simple rules about Troxes to keep in mind. Curious how to make more Troxes forms, new tutorials will be released regularly.

    Keep in mind

    • Prefold Troxes on each of the score lines
    • Bending pieces in places without score lines will make it difficult to assemble
    • Four (4) pieces are the minimum amount for making a single Trox
    • Use the logo to help you tell the top from the bottom. (Logo's on the outside, they are subtle for a reason :)