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About Troxes

Troxes are a new kind of building block. They were designed as a medium for geometric play beyond the boxes and right angles that are so common in most building toys. Troxes exercise and deepen spatial thinking, and allow for the construction of objects as beautiful as they are fun to make.

Inspired by non-linear thinking and architectural forms, the very first Troxes were conceived and prototyped at the MIT Media Lab. Catching the eye of the MIT Museum curators, Troxes debuted in the museum as an interactive installation. The frequent disappearance of the Troxes from the museum (yes, people were stealing them) suggested that we should make these forms available for everyone to take home.

With a penchant for precision and attention to detail, Move38 found the most sustainable and robust materials to develop the refined product that Troxes are today. Funded by a 360% successful Kickstarter campaign, Move38 continues to invent new kits and grow the community.

About Move38

Move38 invents hands-on toys and tools of tomorrow to raise a generation of systems thinkers. Our mission is to delight hands, challenge minds, and inspire curiosity. We believe we learn best when at play, and that our play shapes who we are. The good folks at FastCo Design suggest our inventions could even make you more creative.


Jonathan Bobrow - CEO of Move38 and inventor of Troxes

Jonathan Bobrow - CEO of Move38 and inventor of Troxes