Game Makers Bundle: 9 Games & Developer Tools

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This special bundle includes all the tools you need to learn to code on Blinks and 9 of our award-winning games. Create your own games with Blinks.

Tools for programming of Blinks. Create your own games, upload and iterate and even Publish games with the tools included. A brand new Developer Blink allows for hands-free programming, with quick uploads and automatic propagation to connected Blinks. Developer Kit includes a single Developer Blink for loading your own games without writing over existing games. 

The Blinks Game System includes 9 of the most popular Blinks games and everything you need to start playing. All of these games play great with 9 Blinks out of the box and expand in difficulty and fun when combined with more Blinks. 9 Blinks also give you the perfect amount to create and test your own creations

What's in the box:

  • 1 x Developer Blink
  • 1 x USB Programmer
  • 1 x FTDI Serial Board
  • 1 x Serial Adapter
  • 1 x Publish Tool
  • 2 x USB Cable (6" cable & 3' cable)
  • 1 x Spudger


    • Astro An asteroid field rich with rare space ore awaits you. Can you collect enough to fill your cargo hold before your competition does?

    • Darkball is Pong for the Blinks Game System. Players put their timing to the test against a speedy disappearing ball and each other. 

    • Group Therapy It's your job to get these Blinks what they need most: extraverts want neighbors, introverts need their space. It's a focused frenzy for one or many!

    •  Heist  It's Crokinole for crooks! Fling your Blinks at the vault in an attempt to take the gold!

    •  Paintbrush is a deeply strategic game with pieces act as both brush and canvas.

    • Puzzle 101 Challenge yourself or work with friends to solve an endless supply of self-generating puzzles!

    • WHAM! is Whack-A-Mole at any scale, in any arrangement, for any number of players.

    • ZenFlow Sometimes you need to relax and bliss out at your desk. Be mesmerized by swirling colors and patterns as Blinks share their happiness. 

    • Widgets UPGRADE YOUR GAME NIGHT The Blink becomes your favorite new game accessory!  Need to roll dice, but don't have the space? Use the dice widget. Settle the score with a coin flip. Spin your own wheel of fortune. You could even use these widgets to invent your own game! 

    • We've created 4 unique games that use Widgets: Takeway Dice, Spinomino, Flip Bet, & Topple Stones.

    • 2 x Sushi Roll carrying case
    • 1 x Game Instructions
    • 1 x Blinks game box

    Blinks is an open platform and open source so your Blinks will continually expand to play new games as you introduce new Blinks.








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