Blinks Community Set

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We've curated the top 6 games from our community of game designers. All six knocked our socks off! These designers harnessed the technology to create truly original games. You'll put your reflexes to the test, battle with your wits, and ambush your best friends.

This Blinks Game System Expansion with 6 Blinks and a Sushi Roll carrying case to bring your Blinks on the go.

What's in the box?

6 Community Set Games

  • Darkball by Che-wei Wang
  • Paintbrush by Mary McKenzie and Carol Mertz
  • Group Therapy by Brett Taylor
  • Raid by Mark Meyer and Justin Baker
  • Reactor by Spencer Kee and Aaron Santiago
  • Pirates & Lasers by Theo Johnson, Ian Cummins, Michael Cooper and Pricilla McGann
  • 1 x Sushi Roll carrying case
  • 1 x Game Instructions
  • 1 x Blinks game box

Blinks is an Open Platform and Open-source so your Blinks will continually expand to play new games as you introduce new Blinks.


Shipping in October 2020


NOTE: This is an Expansion Pack!

Meant for those who already have at least 6 Blinks (Core or Expansion).  These games are intended to play with 8 or more Tiles.