6 Blinks Dev Kit

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More popular than we anticipated! Thanks for the love. Be the first to know when our next delivery arrives! Now Available for Pre-Order. 

6 Blanks (Blinks ready to be dedicated to your games) and the tools necessary for programming your Blinks. Includes a USB programmer with custom jig for quick and easy programming.

Kit includes a 6 blank Blinks and a Sushi Roll case for loading your own games without writing over existing games.

What's in the box:
6 x Blanks
1 x USB Programmer
1 x Pogo Pin Adapter
1 x USB Cable
1 x Spudger
1 x Sushi Roll case
1 x Dev-Kit Box

Blinks is an open platform and open source, so your Blinks will continually expand to play new games as you introduce new Blinks.

Shipping Estimate: 4-6 Weeks