Frank the T-Rox Kit
Frank the T-Rox Kit

Frank the T-Rox Kit

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Here at Move38 our scientists were so preoccupied with whether they “could,” they didn’t stop to think if they “should.” As a result, they’ve given life to creatures that having walked the earth for millions of years. Welcome to Trox-rrasic Park! Don’t mistake his little arms for a weakness, his rows of razor sharp teeth and mighty jaw are all he needs to claim his throne as king of all dinosaurs. Behold, the mighty Trox-asaurus Rex!

The T-Rox kit produces a sleek geometric version of the King of Dinosaurs. This kit will look amazing on your desk or as a center piece, makes an excellent addition to any craft room.

NOTE: This is a pre-release limited edition T-Rox set. Instructions are in beta, you will be among the first to build this future historic creature!


  • 100 Troxes (made of 100% Plike)
    • 84 Brilliant Blue Troxes
    • 16 Chalk White Troxes
  • "Getting Started" Instructions
  • "How-To make a T-Rox" Instructions


size: 9" x 5" x 1.25"
weight: 14 oz.