TroxTV, Every Saturday Morn!

Introducing TroxTV

This has been a dream for quite some time and we have finally got the team, setup and content to share a new episode of TroxTV with you, each and every week. Because this is something truly special for us and hopefully for you too, we wanted to present it in a special way as well.
Growing up, Saturday mornings were my favorite because they brought with them a fresh batch of Saturday morning cartoons. As I got older, it was SNICK (yeah, I had a crush on Alex Mack). Today, I want to give you all something to look forward to every Saturday morning, as we'll premiere new episodes on YouTube and be watching right there with you. It's the perfect time ask questions, share what you've made, or just say hello.
Unlike traditional TV, we are a small studio, we love your feedback, and want TroxTV to evolve with you, our biggest supporters. We'll be experimenting with the best way to bring the best content and make TroxTV a universe of creativity. Moreover, we want to feature your creations, your discoveries, and if you're up for it, you!
With lots of outtakes and good times,
Jonathan Bobrow, Troxstar #1