Creators Kits Live in the Wild, Feedback Needed

Tadao the Turtle - Blue and Black Troxes

Westport Report

It certainly was exciting to get some of the new Troxes Creator kits in the hands of kids and fans at the Westport Maker Faire two weeks ago. We gave away 50 tetra samplers and taught curious onlookers how to Trox. While all of the new Creators Kits were well-received, Tadao the Turtle (above) nearly sold out. Given the blustery conditions outside, everyone managed to have a great time.

Troxes at Westport Maker Faire

We need your feedback!  

The button below takes you to our Troxes Customer Survey. Please fill it out to let us know how we can improve Troxes and what your experience is with them. We’ll be both offering a discount code for completing the survey and be doing a random drawing for a new kits to one lucky customer. Your feedback will help us make Troxes even cooler. 

ICYMI: TROXES featured on Tim Rowlett's Grand Illusions

We often get asked about the process of making Troxes, how difficult are they to make, and wait, what are they again? Someone noticed that Tim Rowett of Grand Illusions managed to do possibly the best demo of Troxes yet, and he does so for the entire first half of this vlog post.  Sitting with Tim for lunch at the NY Toy Fair was a wonderfully serendipitous moment, and I walked away from that lunch with lots of illusions, some of which gave me a mental workout, but I am glad to see that Troxes gave Tim a mental workout as well. He really just loved them.

Tim got to walk away with some Troxes because he was such a nice gentleman, and we think you should walk away with free Troxes too. 

If you send a link to a YouTube video of yourself making your favorite creation with Troxes, we'll send you a BOGO (buy one get one) coupon to get more Troxes for free.