New Museum New Year

Move38 spent the holiday season for 2017-2018 in a beautiful storefront in New York City. In addition to Troxes making it into retail stores for the holidays, and joining UncommonGoods for their latest product line, Troxes were front and center at the New Museum. The window display featured a 48" seemingly holographic display of Troxes self-assembling. (No, they won't take over the world) This 4 foot rotating disc, also known as a zoetrope was active for the entire month of December and into the new year.  

Designed, built and assembled, all from paper products, even including the spinning platter itself. This was one tightly engineered art piece mimicking the kind of care that goes into each set of Troxes.

Did you miss your chance to see the display in person? Let us know where you'd like to see this installation next you never know where Troxes will take us ;)