Troxes Win Best in Class

Best In Class (clearly because of the bow tie :)

Jonathan Bobrow, Co-Founder Move38, Inc.

Last weekend Troxes were awarded Best in Class at New York City’s annual Maker Faire. In the words of the good people at Make:

The red ribbon award acknowledges the hard work of those Makers who brought the best, most fun, engaging, memorable, and educational exhibits. Maker’s editors ribbons were given to Makers who they felt brought something special to the Faire.

Over the course of the weekend 90,000 people attended Maker Faire, with over 750 different Makers exhibiting and more than 400 Troxes were built and given away for free. While receiving a ribbon is rewarding, it sure isn't half as rewarding as the rest of the weekend, with hundreds if not thousands of kids, adults, makers, and curious minds learning how to make their own Troxes.

A special thanks goes out to our close friends and help for the weekend: Hoai, Christian, Helen, Josh, Stephanie, Jamie, Nick, Kos, Mina, Josh, and Diana, most of them learned to build Troxes along with the Maker Faire attendees. When things got busy, we brought in the pros, so of course, a special shout-out to Sophie and the ODonald family for teaching other to fish... or build Troxes. Both are important life skills :)

I hear it was the highlight of their day and needless to say, it was mine as well! 

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Thanks for spending the weekend with us Makers!

-Jonathan (Trox-master)